This design is similar to the one above however the bright bars are not bent but joined using the same ordinary clamp. This distance between alternate bars is less and it results in a heavier shutter. 

Collapsible shutter gates

By default the motor is operated by using a 3 way push button switch; the wiring is simple enough for any qualified electrician to understand. 

This shutter has a top cover, but the side motor is still exposed to rain. 

Top cover 

This is how the shutter would look without a top cover. 

Design options for rolling grills

This is the heaviest grill design, it requires a special clamp with male/female ends; a hollow pipe can also be incorporated on top of the bright bar to give it added strength. 

The rolling shutter brackets and mechanism can be covered to give it a finished look. This is a square cover design. 

These are made with bright bars that are bent and joined together with a unique clamp.

These are made with alternate sets of straight and bent bright bars. The clamp is an ordinary piece of metal without any special machining required. 

There are various side motor brands available in India such as Jingshi, Fuchang and Jielong all of which are imported from China. These companies do not have service centers in India as yet so the warranty on the motor is offered by the shutter manufacturer or local distributor. 

These open side-ways. They comprise of a regular collapsible gate with its scissor type folding mechanism which is closed on one side with shutter lathes of 5 inch width approximately. They require a channel on the top and bottom for smooth operation.

This is a GI cover for a side motor, the opening at the bottom is for the manual over-ride chain.

Shutter automation - motor control options

The top and bottom channels can be bent to accommodate a curved facade which is not possible in the top rolling shutter. They are also used where space is available on the sides but not on top of the doorway or opening. 

This is a round cover; the GI cover has been coated to give a wooden finish. 

You can also fabricate a box frame to cover the shutter and use for the store sign as well. It is always advisable to provide easy access to the shutter for maintenance later on.

Rolling shutters can be automated to work with a side motor (external) or center motor (concealed). Both kinds can be operated using a radio frequency remote control and receiver. You can program up to 6 remotes to work on a single receiver.