Sectional overhead doors are available in plain and wooden finishes. There doors slide open inside the garage parallel to the ceiling. 

Perforated shutters which allow for visibility and ventilation.

Collapsible shutter gates which open on the side instead of rolling up.

The end slat or bottom can be rounded as visible in the photo and can be strengthened further by welding a MS angle. Similarly, you can choose wider guide rails on either side. The shutter slats are also available in larger sizes but the standard is 3 inch wide.  

Motorised shutters which are automated to work with a remote, key switch or push buttons.

We offer various material options for rolling shutters as listed below:

1. Galvanised Iron or GI 

These are the most popular choice for their functionality and low cost. 

2. Aluminium 

These are preferred for areas close to the sea with high humidity to avoid rusting of the metal.

3. Stainless Steel 

These offer maximum strength and are the premium choice for discerning buyers.

4. Poly-carbonate

These are installed where access needs to be restricted but where the location is already semi-secure and a break-in that will create a loud noise and attract attention is not likely such as shopping malls or private residences. Poly-carbonate shutters allow you to retain your view; they are an aesthetic alternative to rolling grills.

5. MS Grills

These are made using solid MS bars with 4 possible design options.